Transit Advertising

Culver Amherst enthusiastically announces its partnership with Coach USA bus lines. Coach USA is the largest bus company in the United States with over 15,000 buses nationwide. Culver Amherst now offers traditional and non-traditional transit advertising displays in over 150 markets.
Along with the standard options (bus kings, super kings and wraps) Culver Amherst is expanding the choices with king kongs, floor graphics, head rest wraps, bus videos and other unique marketing opportunities giving advertisers the option to truly be different, to impact their targeted market.

Coach USA offers an advertiser to expand into “Target-Specific Marketing” offering packages that cover specific venues such as:

  • Major Entertainment & Sporting Events
  • Tourist Destinations
  • Convention Centers
  • Corporate Centers
  • Sporting Arenas
  • Shopping Malls
  • Trade Shows
  • Airports
  • Resort Destinations

Culver Amherst now offers advertising opportunities covering sporting and entertainment events nationwide. For example, we offer a transit advertising program that covers the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in January 2002. The Super Bowl, the National Basketball Association All-Star Game, the NCAA Final Four, Major League Baseball (MLB) Spring Training, the U.S. Tennis Open, MLB All-Star Game and the MLB World Series can all be reached with Coach USA buses.

If an advertiser wants a high profile medium to target college students with disposable income, full wraps on Coach USA buses can be deployed in the beach cities of Florida during Spring Break or at concert venues in major college towns.

For clients pursuing business travelers, Coach USA has hundreds of buses dedicated to most of the major airports across the country. This offers advertisers the opportunity to target the elusive business/frequent fliers and vacationers with impactful messages at these high profile venues. Imagine your advertising message on a 50-foot traveling billboard in the airport loop or at the nearest hotel.

Our transit advertising program can cover general market areas with designated routes hand picked by the advertiser. Unlike regular city bus companies, our fleet of private Coach USA buses offers flexibility never seen before in the transit advertising industry.