About Us

anim72002Culver Amherst is a rapidly growing company known for innovation and excellence in the development of out-of-home media properties. These properties include municipal    transit and shelter franchises, comprehensive street furniture programs as well as wallscape and billboard advertising.

Culver Amherst currently operates shelter franchises in over 125 communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Florida, Massachusetts and the suburban      Washington DC area. With over 2,500 advertising panels in its shelter inventory alone, the firm offers advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers where they work, live,    shop and play. Unlike many other forms of media, outdoor advertising allows advertisers to reach a truly mass audience. There’s no turning the dial, flipping the channel or  clicking the ad away. In addition, the eye-level positioning of shelter advertising makes it the ultimate medium for high impact campaigns!

Along with its shelter programs, Culver Amherst offers an extensive portfolio featuring transit, wallscape, and billboard advertising. Through an agreement with Coach USA    we can reach more than 150 markets with our high impact and unique advertising opportunites that include Full Wraps, King Kongs, tails, kings, and interior cards. Culver  Amherst also owns the exclusive rights to advertising and corporate sponsorship sales at various public venues.

Culver Amherst has provided cutting edge out-of-home media programs to a long list of top companies, including Mercedes-Benz, Cingular Wireless, Continental Airlines,  Dodge, Nike, IBM, Nextel, Hewlett Packard, Palm Computing, Nissan, Universal, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures, Fox TV, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Nautica, Guess?, Monster.com, Citibank, H&M, Office Max, Aveda, and more.

  • Culver Amherst is headquartered in New York City and has field offices in:
  • Linden, New Jersey
  • Long Island, New York
  • Stamford, Connecticut
  • Huntington Beach, California
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Miami, Florida
  • Glenn Dale, Maryland.

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